100 day countdown to election begins

The ACT Greens MLAs have marked 100 days to the 2012 election by publishing a list of 100 things the Parliamentary team have done with their balance of power position since the 2008 election.

"This is just the top 100, and I think they're testament to the productive role we've had in maintaining stable government, and working for real improvements across Canberra," Greens Parliamentary Leader, Meredith Hunter, said.

"The ACT Assembly has the unique role of both State and local functions, as well as a role on the national scene, often leading the way in areas like human rights or environmental policy.

"That's why Canberrans should be aware of how important their vote is in the 2012 Assembly elections.

"The Legislative Assembly is a small Parliament with a big task before it. There's just no room for relentless negativity and destructive politics.

“We are about getting things done, and our record this term demonstrates that commitment to the Canberra community.

"We're taking a bigger and better team to this election than we've ever seen, and I'm feeling really positive about what we can offer and what more we can achieve for Canberrans in the future," Ms Hunter said.

The Full list of 100 is available at http://act.greens.org.au/sites/greens.org.au/files/100%20things.pdf