18/03/2011 - 1:39am

ACT Greens Member for Brindabella and spokesperson for Transport, Amanda Bresnan MLA, has submitted a budget bid for a Park’n’Ride at Calwell and a limited stop rapid direct service to the Parliamentary Triangle and Civic as part of a push to improve public transport for residents of South Tuggeranong.

South Tuggeranong residents are long overdue for an investment in public transport infrastructure that makes it easier to get to and from work.  A Park’n’Ride in Calwell, along with a new REDEX-style direct service to the Parliamentary Triangle and Civic, would give families more transport options and boost the local economy and community.

A Calwell Park and Ride would service a number of suburbs in the surrounding area, and be ideally located for people travelling to Canberra from regional New South Wales.

There is a great deal of community support for a Calwell Park and Ride, and it is something that has been lobbied for by local businesses for a number of years

Calwell is also the pick-up point for snow-bound coaches in the winter, which are forced to drive through suburban streets to a tin-shed bus stop in the early hours of the morning.  Improved bus infrastructure at a Park’n’Ride could easily be used by coaches to minimise the noise impact on Calwell residents.

The ACT Greens hope the Government seriously considers funding this common sense investment in public transport for residents of South Tuggeranong

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