About Me

I am committed to achieving social justice in our community. I have a particular interest in consumer rights and the provision of general and mental health services. I firmly believe there is a place for everyone in Canberra, no matter what their background, and am passionate about the rights of people with a disability and people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.

When elected to the Legislative Assembly, I advocated for an increase in and more integrated services for the community, particularly for people with a mental illness. I released a paper which showed what mental health consumers want from services and how we can better provide these services through the community-based organisations that deal with the day-to-day issues facing people with a mental illness, including access to housing, getting a job, and dealing with stigma.

Originally from Brisbane, I graduated from Griffith University with an honours degree in environmental science. Since moving to Canberra over 10 years ago, I’ve been active in local women’s, refugee, and human rights groups, and was a long term volunteer with the ACT RSPCA. Prior to being elected in 2008, I was the former Acting Director of Policy and Projects with the Mental Health Council of Australia.

I have learnt much in life from travelling to different parts of the world, such as South-East Asia, India and the Middle East, including how lucky we are to live in a city such as Canberra. India is also where I gained my love of Bollywood dancing, which I have been doing now for many years. I am also a rugby league fan and every footy season cheer on my beloved Brisbane Broncos and the Queensland Maroons. Canberra is a wonderful city, but as all Canberra Raiders fans would understand, a true supporter never changes their team.