About Me

I was born, raised and educated in Canberra and love living here with my partner and three children.

It’s important to me that the people of Ginninderra, and all citizens of the ACT, are able to engage in the decisions Government makes. In my role as Parliamentary Convenor of the ACT Greens, and in a number of committee roles I held in the Assembly, I worked to ensure that the community is represented in our decision-making.

Throughout my life I have been a strong advocate on social justice issues and have worked in community organisations in Canberra for twenty years. I have extensive experience raising awareness and promoting issues of social justice in the public arena. I am also a skilled and experienced advocate, having served on a variety of committees and task forces. As the former director of the Youth Coalition of the ACT, I have worked to ensure that the interests and rights of the disadvantaged and vulnerable are taken into account. My career has given me a sound understanding of the importance of the community sector and the breadth of services delivered by small self-help groups through to larger community services.

As a mother of three boys, I understand the importance of having excellent public education and health systems. I have a deep appreciation of the unique urban/bush environment that we live in, the clean air and the bush corridors that provide important recreation places for many Canberrans.

Serving you, and our community, in the Legislative Assembly was a great privilege. I enjoy meeting Canberrans and listening to their needs, aspirations and thoughts about how to make this city a better place, and look forward to putting many of those great ideas into action.