Member for Molonglo

About Me

I have lived in Canberra for more than 20 years and it is definitely my home. After working overseas for a few years, I was so excited to be living back in Canberra - I love what this city has offer in terms of lifestyle and the natural environment.

But I am also convinced that we have the potential to develop this city to be more sustainable, and to respond better to some of the challenges that are on the horizon – the impacts of climate change, less water and increasing numbers of people who want to live here. There’s no point pretending these challenges aren’t there – a responsible government must factor them into long term planning, and take concrete action to address them.

I want Canberra to be a city that my children and their friends thank us for. I want to see an education system that sets up their future and grows their potential; a health system that is at first preventative, then flexible and responsive; employment and industry that is modern, interesting and vibrant; and a city that has a minimal impact on the environment and retains its natural beauty. With Greens in the Assembly we can build a city with 21st century plans and a 21st century outlook.

I also know it’s important to enjoy life and after playing football for many years as a junior, my sporting passion is now triathlon. I have represented Australia at six World Championships, including the Hawaii Ironman. In addition I am a keen photographer, and enjoy music and gigs.